Voices of Kentuckiana

VOICE of the Week – Peggy Wills

peggy-willsThis semester, VOICES is so proud to welcome back several previous members of the VOICES of Kentuckiana family, including Peggy Wills! Peggy was a founding member of VOICES and sang in every concert for the first 10 years, and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome her and her lovely partner Tami back for the winter program, Holiday Magic! We caught up with Peggy this week and can’t wait to share highlights from our conversation with you!

What is your occupation or how do you occupy your days, usually?

I taught school for 17 years and now I am a sales consultant for TK Constructors.  I help folks build homes!

In one sentence, let us know what VOICES means to you.

Voices has always meant intentional family with a common goal to provide great music and create an atmosphere for all people to either participate or experience our music in a safe and welcoming place.

What prompted you to return to VOICES this year?

Both my spouse (Tami McGowen) and I thought long and hard about returning this semester.  We were invited to sing in the 20th anniversary concert and had a great time so we decided to give it a whirl this go around.

Tell us about a favorite moment from a VOICES concert or event?

There are a couple, but the one that jumps out at me was our set that we performed in San Jose.  It was designed so that there were no breaks between any of our numbers.  Kim was 8 months pregnant and was so animated I thought she could go into labor right there!  We brought the house down and since I was the first one off stage, I got to see everyone’s face as they came into the reception area….everyone was beaming with pride and many had tears of joy as well.  I get the shivers just writing this now!

What’s the best song you’ve performed with VOICES and why?

“Never Ever”  When we recorded our CD, Tami and I sponsored this song so it always has been special.  We dedicated it to my parents who are deceased and her Grandmother who meant the world to her and is also deceased.  Never take any moment for granted!
What do you hope to see for VOICES in the future?

Growth in new members with an emphasis on getting some of the younger generation involved.

What would you tell young people who are looking for ways to get involved in their community?

Join something in order to stay connected.  Join something in order to make a difference not only for yourself, but for others.

Tell us something nice about another member of VOICES you admire.  

I think Bobbie Gardner is one of the nicest people around.  She just got married so I wish her all the best!


We can’t wait to see Peggy, Tami, and all of our returning members in concert this December for Holiday Magic, a winter program celebrating the holiday moments that make the season memorable. Tickets available now! 

VOICE of the Week – Angie Hopperton

angie-hoppertonEveryone please join us in welcoming our new accompanist and VOICE of the Week, Angie Hopperton! Angie accompanied VOICES about 12 years ago, and we’re proud to say that she’s back for another round of fun and music with us this semester! We spent a little time this week and got reacquainted with Angie, a professional music instructor who also writes, arranges, and of course plays music!

Q: In one sentence, let us know what VOICES means to you. 

A: VOICES is a wonderful group of singers and some of the most friendly, welcoming people I’ve ever met.

Q: What would you tell young people who are looking for ways to get involved in their community?

A: Find a community service that’s close to your heart, something that you’re passionate about, then ask family, friends, and look on the Internet for local opportunities to help people.

Q: Who would play you in the Broadway production of your life, and why? 

A: The dream is Bernadette Peters because I love her. The reality is Kirsten Vangness from “Criminal Minds,” because she plays quirky so perfectly.

Q: What’s the best piece of singing advice you’ve ever received?

A: Breathe in through your nose instead of your mouth.

Venue Change Announcement!


Due to a scheduling conflict, we have to make a ONE TIME ONLY venue change for Open Enrollment and Rehearsals, for this Sunday, September 7! Rather than our usual rehearsal space at Central Presbyterian Church, we’ll be using space at:

First Unitarian Church
809 S. 4th street.
Click HERE for a Map

Open Enrollment: 3-4PM

Full Rehearsals: 3-7PM

See you all there!

VOICE of the Week – Will Patterson

will-pattersonAs Open Enrollment for our Winter 2014 concert continues, we’d love to bring you a different VOICE of the Week! Meet Will Patterson, a volunteer with VOICES and one of our most loyal supporters. Although we firmly believe that everyone CAN sing, we understand that some people are more comfortable outside of the spotlight, and for those people we have tons of fun volunteer opportunities! We hope you’ll reach out to us if you have interest in volunteering with our chorus, and we’ll get you to work!
Now, without further ado, allow us to introduce your VOICE of the Week, Will Patterson! Will has been a follower and volunteer with VOICES for approximately 15 years, so he’s seen many of our changes and evolutions. “The current Board definitely has the desire to stay strong and grow even stronger,” says Will. “That’s why I got involved with VOICES, and I’m proud of how our community chorus has grown.” And Will believes young people who are looking for an avenue to share with their community should investigate VOICES too! “Investigate VOICES and other community organizations, and you’ll help integrate our community.”
Speaking of community, Will had wonderful things to say about some of his fellow VOICES members. “Talking to Patti Hall and Linda Wilhelm about anything at all always makes me feel all smiley inside!”
We hope you’ve enjoyed this spotlight on Will Patterson, and you’ll join us for our next Open Enrollment on September 7, 3PM at Central Presbyterian Church! Click here for more information!

VOICE of the Week – Chris Cook

chris-cookOur new VOICE of the Week is Chris Cook! As an eight-year veteran of VOICES, Chris knows that our community chorus is a real family. “I’m not alone here,” says Chris. What a heartwarming sentiment! We had a great time getting to know Chris more, and we hope you’ll enjoy her point of view, too!
What is your occupation or how do you occupy your days, usually?
I work part-time as a Standardized Patient at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. As an SP, I perform role-play with medical, dental, and nursing school students to help the students develop excellent diagnostic, communication, and physical exam skills, because we all love good doctors, right? And I love my job. Where else could I have pneumonia on Monday, schizophrenia on Wednesday, and diabetes on Friday, but magically get well by 5 o’clock?
In one sentence, let us know what VOICES means to you.
There is an old saying that goes “you can’t choose your family”, but people talk about their VOICES family, and it’s true.

Tell us about a favorite moment from a VOICES concert or event?Gotta be the concert with Craig Swatt conducting, both arms in the air, suddenly shoving his hands in his pockets to hike up his tuxedo pants that he could feel were headed to the floor. The audience behind him didn’t know WHAT was going on, but the sheepish grin facing our way told all.
What’s the best song you’ve performed with VOICES and why?
Our commissioned piece, “Kentucky Reels”. It was amazing to superbly perform music that had seemed quite impossible upon first hearing it, and having it be a terrific crowd-pleaser as well!
What prompted you to become a member of VOICES?
I saw a co-worker going over her VOICES music binder at lunch one day and asked where she sang. I had joined several other local choruses in the past, but had dropped out after a few years because the music and/or the social aspect just didn’t match my needs, and once again, I needed somewhere to sing. In so many ways, I belong to VOICES.

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