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Three women in theatrical costumes perform on stage


Did you know that our ticket sales cover less than 10% of our expenses?
Did you know that we have grown from 25 singers to 70 singers?  And we keep growing!​


Every donation made to VOICES of Kentuckiana helps us to build community and create social change by raising our voices in song. No donation is too little or too large and all are appreciated.


On our donation page, you can select the level of giving that best suits your abilities. As you consider your gift, we want you to know that you can also make monthly contributions.  As with so many nonprofits, monthly giving makes our finances predictable and allows us to better plan our concerts and outreach programs. But however you choose to give, one-time or monthly, please know that your donation makes a huge impact on VOICES.

Donate Now
Contribute an item to VOICES

We are always in need of equipment and supplies.


If you can donate any of these items we would be very grateful.  Our needs include:

  • a new laptop for our Managing Director

  • a small digital camera to take photos at community engagements

  • a Flip video camera to record rehearsals and at community engagements

  • blank recordable CDs and/or CD jewel cases for singers’ practice CDs

  • 4-piece walkie-talking system for our production team

  • portable flash drive for our Managing Director

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