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VOICES is a chorus for the community that celebrates diversity and is dedicated to fostering positive social change through artistic excellence.

VOICES produces entertaining, engaging and enlightening musical performances.

We Value


  1. Inclusivity: We welcome members of all sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, ages, religions, political affiliations and music abilities; and we value every member as part of the VOICES family.

  2. Courage: We stand beside those who have no voice.

  3. Musicianship: We strive to offer our audiences the best musical experiences possible.

  4. Cooperation: We seek community partnerships that promote human dignity.

  5. Empowerment: We promote self-confidence and self-determination.

  6. Integrity: We commit to transparency and honesty with each other and our community.

  7. Joy: We celebrate our friends, our families, our music, and ourselves. We love to have fun!

VOICES of Kentuckiana is a diverse and inclusive chorus for the community founded in 1994, with a mission to celebrate diversity and foster positive social change through artistic excellence. As the oldest LGBTQ+ arts organization in Kentucky, VOICES is dedicated to providing a platform for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to sing and perform music that holds significance for both performers and audiences. A proud member of GALA (Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses), we strive to educate and energize our community through music and have participated in numerous international LGBTQ+ choral festivals.

Our chorus is built on values of inclusivity, courage, musicianship, cooperation, empowerment, integrity, and joy. With almost 200 LGBTQ+ choruses and 10,000 singers worldwide, VOICES is part of an international movement that aims to enhance the recognition of sexual and gender diversity and liberation through the power of music. We have collaborated with various choruses and ensembles from nearby cities and have performed at significant events across the Kentuckiana region and beyond.

VOICES, along with its auditioned Inner VOICES ensemble, performs at least 2 major concerts annually, along with smaller performances throughout the year. VOICES is a vital part of the Kentuckiana community, constantly expanding its engagement activities. From singing at the Kentucky Derby and FC Louisville's Pride Nights to performing at this year’s Trans Wellness Summit and Louisville Orchestra's Creators Corp Louisville Broadcast, VOICES continues to change hearts and minds through visibility and the universal language of song.

We’d love to hear from you!

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We’d love to hear your comments.  Please take a moment to tell us about it.  You can share a memory of a concert, tell us what you liked, make a suggestion or share an idea…or anything else you can think of.

P.O. Box 2904 | Louisville, KY 40201

Tel: 502-583-1013 |

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