We Belong Together - Changing Hearts
A 25th Anniversary Concert Celebration

Spring Concert
April 14, 2019 at 5:00pm
The Kentucky Center's Bomhard Theatre

VOICES of Kentuckiana celebrates 25 years of community and family with an unforgettable anniversary concert. Join us for an uplifting program of music that will challenge us — remembering the work that has taken place before us and realizing the work that must still be done to embrace our fellow humans as equal in our hearts. With songs of hope, love, joy, and kindness, VOICES remains a shining beacon and a profound force for change in our community. Tickets for this concert are $20 for Adults, $15 for Students and Seniors.

Tickets On Sale Now

$20 Adults
$15 Students and Seniors

Community Organizations Changing Hearts

This Spring, VOICES will spotlight three local community organizations who do incredible work to bring positive change to the lives of people in our community. The organizations change many hearts. During the concert, each organization will have the opportunity to share the core of their organization with our audience.  VOICES will follow each segment with songs that resonates with these important organizations. We welcome them to our VOICES family.


The Center for Women and Families provides trauma-informed advocacy and support for individuals, families and communities affected by intimate partner violence and sexual assault. 


An outreach community that advocates for and provides resettlement services to refugees to encourage hope and an increased sense of belonging and inclusion to our future American citizens.


A resource for all students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests and aims to create a safe, inclusive community for everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.